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You can enjoy the tranquil and relaxing sounds and movement of flowing water in your landscape by adding an outdoor fountain, waterfall, or pond. Our team of professionals can design and install an array of outdoor water features in varying sizes and styles to accent your property. We specialize in creating unique, creative installations from a stately stacked-stone water fountain to a calming water pond or a breathtaking waterfall. Runkel Landscape Associates are your best source for professional water feature design and installation throughout Lima, Ottawa, Wapakoneta and surrounding areas.

Expert Water Feature Maintenance Services Help Sustain Value

Backyard ponds, waterfalls, and combinations are exciting and beautiful landscaping elements, but are also one of the most susceptible to damage if not taken care of regularly. This makes regular maintenance and inspection incredibly important for your water features. Our technicians have the experience to keep your system running at peak operational condition through regular check-ups and maintenance. Also, by being attentive to the water feature regularly, we are usually able to spot potential problems with a system before they cause costly, destructive issues.

Our Water Feature Experts Bring Your Vision To Reality

We're glad to discuss any ideas you may have about how to enhance your property with a water feature. If you have any questions about our water feature services please call us at 419-229-5214, or use our convenient online form.




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