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Lawn Care and Fertilization Programs

A beautiful lush lawn will has the greatest chance of staying as healthy as possible by implementing a professional lawn care and fertilization program. Runkel Landscape Associates are your top choice for expert lawn care throughout Lima, Wapakoneta, Ottawa, and surrounding areas.

Fertilization, Weed Control, Disease and Insect Control

Each lawn is different, so it is most effective when a unique plan is developed and followed based on the specific conditions of the turfgrass, watering and moisture conditions, soil acidity conditions, sunlight conditions and other factors that contribute to the strength or vulnerability of the lawn area.

Our professional lawn care technicians will inspect the lawn thoroughly to determine the best fertilization products to use which will provide maximum nourishment to the lawn to promote growth and good health. We'll use our professional grade application equipment to insure that there is just the right amount of fertilizer dispersed consistently across the entire treated area. If there is a heavy presence or possibility of weeds, we'll be able to identify the type of weed and integrate a treatment against them into your specific lawn program. We'll also be able to identify any existing or potential insect or lawn disease problems, and take the appropriate measures to eliminate them, and prevent them from returning.

Lush, Beautiful Gold Course Quality Lawns

Your lawn can be the envy of your neighborhood by having the lushest, healthiest and most beautiful grass possible. All it takes is attention and care from our knowledgable, highly trained lawn care technicians.

Runkel Landscape Associates offers our affordable, hgh quality lawn care and fertilization services to both residential and commercial clients. For a free initial consultation please 419-229-5214 or use our convenient online form.




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